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The Planet

Great coffee from the ground up

Our top priority is crafting the best coffee we can. This starts by only purchasing specialty grade coffees. And as it turns out, sustainable choices often create a better product.

We’ve searched the globe to find high-quality beans that are also fair trade and organic.

Running a sustainable business isn’t just about the environment; it’s also about caring for the people in it. We support our farmers by paying a fair price for their specialty-grade beans, and actively give back to our communities through our charitable trust.

100% organic coffee

All our coffees are certified organic both at the source and within our roastery. Along with our community development premiums we pay a premium for certified organic coffees.

Sustainable Farming

We work with farmers who consciously care for the land their crops grow on. This sustainable farming is good for the planet, while also ensuring high-quality beans.

Respect for nature

Because coffee responds differently depending on where it’s grown, we carefully hand-roast then blend each origin to enhance its authentic flavour.