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At Hummingbird Coffee, we want to create a better cup for all and ensure we are doing the right thing for our consumers, partners and environment. That’s why we are proud that our entire Hummingbird coffee range is soft plastics recyclable, helping us reduce the waste that is going to landfills and the impact on the planet.

The coffee range includes all product sizes from 200G, 500G and 1KG packs.

We are proud to be a part of the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme, where their focus is to help find end of life solutions for packaging and create a sustainable economy where waste materials are re-processed into new valuable products and commodities.

Ensure that your coffee bags are empty, clean and dry before recycling them at your nearest bin. You can find your nearest Soft Plastics Recycle bin here:

Being part of the Soft Plastics Recyclable, we know exactly where our packaging ends up and how it happens – this scheme partners with different businesses, such as Future Post and SaveBOARD.

FUTURE POST manufacture plastic fence posts, vegetable gardens and parking bumpers out of soft plastics and plastic materials. Future Post is the smart, sustainable solution, enabling businesses and individuals to work together and effectively “close the loop” with recycling and using 100% recycled products. Designed, recycled and Made in New Zealand.

To find out more about Future Post, visit their website here:

SaveBOARD manufacture, healthy, affordable, high performance, low carbon building materials that make a circular economy an everyday reality. With their plant in New Zealand, upcycling almost 4,000,000kg of packaging waste per year into low carbon sustainable building materials.

To find out more about SaveBOARD, visit their website here:

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