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For over 30 years’, we’ve been a business built on the shoulders of committed people – from crop to cup. It’s this commitment and passion that’s led us to all four corners of the world, sourcing beans direct from origins and supporting a community of growers we know and trust.

This has driven us to be dedicated to taking the hard road, taking the time to build strong relationships with farmers. It’s this personal touch that produces distinctive, memorable coffees in every roast and blend.


We became an early champion of fair trade in New Zealand, being one of the first in partnership with Trade Aid to directly import fair trade, organic green bean coffee.

We continue to support communities through fair trade premiums, where we pay .20c USD for every pound of green coffee we buy. This money goes towards quality and productivity improvements on individual farmers, as well as social initiatives like schools and hospitals for the local communities.

Since 2005, Hummingbird has paid more than $4.3 million in fair trade premiums to tens of thousands of coffee growers in 10 countries.


AsureQuality is a well known third-party organic certification body in New Zealand. Their organic certification mark means that all of our coffee is cultivated by farmers without the use of non-organic approved chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals. The AsureQuality mark gives consumers the confidence that the coffee they are buying have been produced according to organic principles. Further, this certification ensures that these chemicals do not enter the production cycle at any stage.

We pay .30c USD in organic premiums for every pound of green coffee we buy to improve quality of life and ensure farmers are getting a fair price for their coffee.

Since 2005, Hummingbird has paid more than $5.7 million in organic premiums to hundreds of coffee growers in over 10 countries.


Specialty coffee is defined as any coffee that scores about 80 points on a 100 point scale by a highly trained Q grader. When you receive specialty coffee, you are getting some of the highest grade coffee available in the world.

At Hummingbird, we only source specialty-grade coffee for our coffee blends, with a score of at least 83 points or above on the SCA scale. This specialty-grade coffee allows us to create the distinctive and memorable flavours of Hummingbird.

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