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We’re committed to ensuring that we positively impact the communities we reach.

We actively support the people who grow and drink our coffee, from donating to local initiatives to choosing fair trade and organic beans. The best option for our communities might not be the fastest or cheapest but it’s the right thing to do – and also happens to create some of the most distinctive coffees.

Right from the start, Hummingbird has been built on real relationships. We source specialty grade coffee beans from farmers we know and trust, and give back to our communities through on-going financial support. People are involved at every step of making our coffee, from selecting beans at the source, to roasting – where we roast each origin and then blend.


At Hummingbird we source 100% fair trade organic specialty grade coffee through growers we know and trust. The quality of coffee is everything to us. We deliver high quality coffee every time, with no compromise.

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We support the people who support us, because we believe we should all rise together. Not only do we support our farmers through paying a premium but we also support our local community with the help from our Green Bean Fund.

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The packaging from your coffee shouldn’t be your problem. We do the right thing for our consumers and customers, which is why our entire Hummingbird Coffee range is soft plastics recyclable.

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