Special Reserve Pinnacle Fair Trade Organic – Hummingbird Coffee

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Special Reserve Pinnacle Fair Trade Organic

100% Fair Trade Organic. Handpicked at high altitude. A sip of Pinnacle will deliver bright, fruity and sweet flavours. The origins of this light to medium roast coffee comes from Colombia and Ethiopia. Best suited for plunger brewing.
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About this coffee:
High altitude coffee from Ethiopia and Colombia that delivers a bright, fruity and sweet flavour.

Special Reserve - Handpicked at high altitude. In this bag are our very best specialty-grade fair trade beans, grown at high altitudes, where the crisp bright conditions and elevated air produce the most intense flavours. The coffee grown at higher altitudes allows for the coffee to stay on the coffee bush for longer, giving the coffee cherry more time to develop. Handpicked by our trusted growers, the journey from crop to cup brings carefully selected beans from points of origin to our master roaster. Each origin is roasted then blended to hit all the high notes, so you can enjoy an incredible cup of coffee.
Fair Trade Organic
A Better Cup For All
Suitable for:
  • Plunger
  • Whole Beans
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